Control System Design & Engineering

QCC’s team of licensed professional engineers and control systems specialist are experts in process controls and automation. Our expert technical knowledge and our extensive experience with industrial control systems allows us to design reliable, efficient, and highly buildable control system solutions. Our design services include UL Control Panels, SCADA and PLC systems, VFD motor controls, and instrumentation solutions.

  • UL Control Panels
  • PLC and SCADA Control Systems
  • VFD and Motor Controls
  • Instrumentation and Measurement Solutions

UL 508A/698A Panel Fabrication

QCC’s fabrication facility is located at our Lynnwood, WA headquarters. Our staff of highly experienced craftsmen provide the industry’s finest custom UL listed control panels and assemblies. All equipment assembled at our facility is built to the highest quality standards, is UL listed, and is extensively factory tested to ensure it is delivered fully operational and ready for commissioning.

  • Custom Electrical Control Panels
  • Integrated Motor Control Centers
  • Operator Stations
  • Pneumatic Controls and Bubbler Systems
  • Energized Factory Performance Testing

Programming and Data Systems

QCC’s software engineers provide software development and networking solutions for all aspects of the process control system. With extensive experience in PLC & SCADA programming, historian database development, networking, and information services, we provide a complete and integrated solution from the plant floor to the enterprise level. Our staff is factory trained and certified to provide solutions for all major manufactures of industrial control systems, including Rockwell, Wonderware, Siemens, GE Ifix, Schneider, and Specter Instruments (Win911).

  • PLC Programming
  • SCADA Development
  • Operator Interface Terminals (OITs & HMIs)
  • Industrial Networking
  • Historical Database & Reporting
  • Alarm Notification Systems

Telemetry Systems

QCC’s is the industry leader in designing, building and maintaining telemetry systems for the water and wastewater industry. QCC pioneered the use of cellular telemetry systems for the water and wastewater market here in the Pacific Northwest. Back in 2009, QCC developed a custom PLC based algorithm to leverage the high speeds of cellular Ethernet communications, while at the same time dramatically limiting data usage. QCC’s cellular communications software dramatically reduced cost of operating cellular telemetry systems, allowing the technology to be utilized in real time telemetry system with operating costs less than traditional private radio or leased line systems. QCC has worked with municipalities throughout the Northwest to upgrade hundreds of aging telemetry systems using this technology. QCC’s has extensive experience with all common telemetry technologies, including private radio, cellular, leased line, and IP/Internet based systems.

  • Spread Spectrum Radio
  • Fixed Frequency Radio
  • WIFI & WIMAX Networks
  • Leased Line Telephony
  • DSL/Cable VPN Systems
  • Cellular LTE/4G Networks

Field Service

QCC’s Field Service Team is available 24/7 to support all aspects of your industrial control system. Our factory trained and certified staff provides trouble shooting, testing, repair, programming, and calibration services to all aspects of you control system.

  • Instrument Calibrations
  • PLC & SCADA Programming
  • VFD Repair & Commissioning
  • Electrical Testing and Troubleshooting

Documentation & CAD Services

QCC’s recognizes the necessity of having accurate as-built documentation and updated drawings. QCC utilizes the latest CAD software packages by AutoDesk and BlueBeam to develop and maintain complete and updated documentation for all our customers. QCC will happily update any of our documentation to reflect changes and/or upgrades for the life of the equipment. QCC’s engineering teams and CAD technicians can provide CAD services to as-built existing control systems, even if existing documentation is limited.

Control Panel Fabrication – Telemetry Systems – PLC, SCADA & HMI Programming – Instrumentation – Field Service

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